Tous les Jours, meaning "Everyday" in French, is an authentic Korean Lifestyle bakery that infuses traditional methods with an artisan spirit. The bakery's philosophy is to provide its customers with the freshest homed baked products with high quality ingredients "Everyday".

From South Korea, Tous les Jours has made its way to the US, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and now Malaysia. The very first Tous les Jours store is located at Telawi Square in Bangsar. Over time, stores will be set up in strategic locations within urban area such as WOLO Bukit Bintang, Empire Shopping Gallery and Empire Damansara.

The Di Wei Chinese Restaurant offers patrons the opportunity to be surrounded by the mystique and romance of the Oriental East while feasting on masterfully reproduced modern Cantonese delights. Customers of Di Wei are bound to embark on an epicurean journey of diverse ingredients, fresh meat and versatile cooking techniques that have made this particular variety of Chinese cuisine one of the most popular worldwide. Di Wei is located at Level 1 of Empire Hotel Subang and is also accessible via Empire Shopping Gallery.


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